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Treat as she appears in Dating Treat
Name Treat
Age 21
Date of Birth April 30th
Gender Girl
Pronouns She/Her
Main Game Series Appearances Syrup and The Ultimate Sweet, Lonely Wolf Treat, Friendly Bunny Mochi, Clever Fox Moxie, Wandering Wolf Trick, Dreaming Treat, Mochi in Frosting, Lucky Number Moxie(Presumably), Syrup 2(Presumably)
Spin-off Game Series Appearances Dress Treat, Date Treat, Another Piece of Candy: Sweet Fusions
Webcomic Appearances Another Piece of Candy(Non-Canon), Delicacy(Canon), Indulgence(Canon)

One of the main characters, and the titular character, of the Lonely Wolf Treat series. Along with Mochi and Moxie, she made her debut in the series in Lonely Wolf Treat although she previously appeared in Syrup and The Ultimate Sweet as a side character

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